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Giuseppe Rossi Motors - G.R.M.Giuseppe Rossi Motors - G.R.M. 
Homepage of the Italian engine manufacturer incl. catalog
(added: 22.03.2006)

Hering Performance PropellersHering Performance Propellers 
Hering's revolutionary 5 and 6 blade technology dominates the world of offshore racing with national and world titles in Super Vee Light, Super Vee, Super Cat Light, Super Cat, Superboat and UIM Class 1. Hering also propels the world's fastest vee bottom and Catamaran. HERING uses only the latest in CNC manufacturing technology to make every propeller we sell, resulting in exacting tolerances and superior performing propeller for your single or multi-engine application. Developed on the toughest race circuits by the world's best teams, Hering propellers offer superior performance over the competition. Call HERING for your next set of high performance propellers
(added: 26.10.2010)

Konny MotorsKonny Motors 
Powerheads for Powerboats
(added: before 2005)

Pfennig BootePfennig Boote 
Profitieren Sie von unserer jahrzehntelangen Erfahrung im Bootsbau, Motorenservice und Motorbootrennsport. Ein reichhaltiges Angebot an Booten und Motoren verschiedener internationaler Anbieter steht Ihnen bei uns zur Verfügung.
(added: before 2005)

Tunnel Boat DesignTunnel Boat Design 
Sharing of high performance tricks and secrets, including the Tunnel Boat Performance Newsletter, Tunnel Boat Design Program boat design software, the Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design book, History of Tunnel Boat Design book, History and Design of Propellers book and Propworks2 software.
(added: before 2005)